RNEA has chosen to endorse candidates

Tamara Jo Rhomberg and Jaime Bayes

for the Rockwood Board of Education election on April 6, 2021.

On the Ballot, vote #1 and #2 and then you’re through!

ALL CALL for volunteers to help Tamara Rhomberg and Jaime Bayes on their BOE election campaigns:

We need teachers to participate in a phone bank to call likely voters, display yard signs (especially along major roads with high traffic), and help with sending out text messages to teachers (and other educational employees) who live in Rockwood.

Learn more about/volunteer to phone bank, send texts to MNEA members living in Rockwood, or participate in other opportunities to support Tamara and Jaime by emailing Laura at RNEApresident@gmail.com.

This year has definitely been a challenge for teachers as you have been placed in a very difficult position of taking care of your students, both social-emotionally and academically, during a year when the educational environment needed to be reimagined in the midst of a world health crisis.  You have been extraordinary in your work and students have found success, though circumstances haven’t always provided you with the conditions and supports we are accustomed to in Rockwood.  As we evaluated candidates for our Rockwood Board of Education, we reflected on the decisions and actions of the past year and deliberated on how teachers and students could be best supported moving forward.  

As Directors on the Board, Jaime and Tammy have a history of listening to, understanding, and advocating for the needs of teachers and students.  They recognize that this year was extremely hard on teachers and they both acknowledge BOE (and Rockwood) communication could have been better.  We feel that those are important factors as we continue to navigate the impact of teaching during a pandemic, work towards more collaborative decision-making with district administration, focus on our relationship with our community, and enter into a formal negotiations year.

We will use this site and our social media platforms to advertise opportunities for you to meet with Jaime and Tammy, as well as assist in their campaigns. Please go vote on April 6. Please also share this endorsement with your friends and family.



RNEA Letter to the Directors of the Rockwood Board of Education and Dr. Miles

With the approach of September 30 and the return of preK – 2 students to classrooms, teachers are being asked to serve all students, both those who return and those who remain remote. With the proposed instructional plan, teachers will be unable to invest fully in either group of learners and our students will not recieve the quality educational experiences they deserve. On September 22, the RNEA Executive Board voted unanimously to craft a formal statement to the Rockwood Board of Education and Superintendent Dr. Mark Miles, which presents our position with the Return to Learn plan and asks our district decision-makers to commit to finding staffing solutions which allow teachers to focus on the needs of students in either the At School OR At Home platform with undivided attention.

As always, please reach out to RNEA if you have any questions or concerns that we may be able to assist you with. If you need further support from RSD, we are here to advocate for your and your students. We will update this site as we get more details.

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