Thomas Cook


Thomas Cook is the current RNEA President.  Before stepping into this role, he taught Spanish at Marquette High School for 17 years.  He is a Rockwood graduate, having attended Kellison, Rockwood South, and Rockwood Summit.  Before becoming president of the association, he served as Vice President, Exec Board Director, and Building Rep.

Melissa Stein


Melissa Stein is the RNEA Vice President. She has been teaching for 17 years, where she started in the classroom teaching first, fourth, and fifth grade and has now started her third year in PE at Kellison Elementary. Melissa attended Green Pines, Rockwood Valley, and graduated from Lafayette High School. Melissa has served the RNEA through a building representative role, negotiations for two cycles, and RNEA Executive Board.

Nicole Cramer


Nicole Cramer is the Orchestra teacher at LaSalle Springs Middle School. This is her first year on the RNEA Executive Board and she is serving as the Treasurer. Nicole has been the Encore Team Leader in her building for many years and served on various district committees including curriculum writing, middle school review, and PDC. She is a Rockwood graduate, resident, and parent and has worked for Rockwood for 15 years.

Meredith Anderson


Meredith Anderson is starting her ninth year in Rockwood.  She taught for eight years at Chesterfield Elementary and will now be an 8th grade Language Arts teacher at Crestview Middle School.  This is her first year on the RNEA Executive Board but she has served as a building representative for the past two years.